Madison businesses, churches receive severe flooding damage

Madison businesses, churches receive severe flooding damage (Image 1)

Madison business owners face tough decisions they weren't expecting to make after Thursday's flash flooding.

Business owner Byron Fernandez said his bakery is destroyed.

“Everyday that passes, it gets dirtier, nastier and uglier in there,” he explained.

For the last nine years, Fernandez has run El Globo Pasteleria Panaderia, a pastry shop out of in Madison.

“We have about three or four feet of water inside. Everything is gone. I lost every refrigerator in there, all the material, the ovens, everything is gone inside,” said Fernandez.

Congregants of the Madison Church of Christ near El Globo Pasteleria Panaderia also received heavy flood damage.

Members began sifting through piles of rubble and damaged toys trying to salvage what they could with the memory of the 2010 flood still fresh in their mind.

Fernandez said, “I remember the 2010 floods, we got about six inches of water inside so all we did was cleaned it up and waited for it to dry a couple days and went back to business”.

Fernandez says he doesn't know if he will rebuild, he fears his business could flood again.

Red Cross workers and volunteers have been working tirelessly over the past several days.

On Sunday, the last remaining shelter left open to help those in need at Mt. Zion in Nashville closed.

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