Gallatin man launches campaign to get pet raccoon back

Gallatin man launches campaign to get pet raccoon back (Image 1)

A Gallatin man is on a mission to get his pet raccoon back after he says the state took it away.

Many may recognize the name Mark Brown.  He became a YouTube sensation after posting videos of himself dancing with his pet raccoon, Gunshow.

The self-described “hillbilly” says Gunshow came to him four years ago and the two had an instant friendship.

Gunshow passed away earlier this year and Brown began caring for another raccoon he named Rebekah in May.

Rebekah is also featured in some of the 40 videos Brown has posted online.   In one of them, she is shown in the shower with Brown.

The former animal control officer recently signed a deal with a production company to begin shooting a pilot for their own series.

He was surprised when officials with the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency showed up at his house late last month to take his furry friend.

“Now that I have become a big fish, they've come after me to take Rebekah away from me,” said Brown.

Brown says he was told he didn't have a permit and could not keep the raccoon.

A spokesperson for the TWRA says it is illegal to have captive wildlife and they are required to confiscate animals when they know someone has them.

Brown questions why the agency did not come for Gunshow during the nearly four years he had him.

“If they didn't know I had Gunshow, they had to be living under a rock,” Brown told Nashville's News 2.

Brown has launched a massive campaign to get Rebekah back and has even written Governor Bill Haslam to ask for help.

“I ask God every night for two things, either free Rebekah back to me or just let me forget about it.  One is a whole lot easier than the other,” Brown said.

He says the quest to reunite with Rebekah could become the new focus of his reality show.

Rebekah was taken to Walden's Puddle, a wildlife rehabilitation and educational center.

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