Vicious dog attack injures donkey, Concerns Bordeaux residents

Vicious dog attack injures donkey, Concerns Bordeaux residents (Image 1)

A pack of dogs nearly killed a donkey in Bordeaux and now neighbors are afraid the canines could cause harm to neighborhood children.

The donkey, estimated at 350 pounds, sustained severe wounds to its ears, face and hooves during the attack Monday morning on Old Matthews Road.

Bordeaux resident Adrian Batey told Nashville's News 2 Investigates she heard the horrific noise.

“I saw the donkey and she was dripping blood from where she had been attacked,” Batey recalled.

According to officials, the donkey got loose from a nearby property.

Animal officials believe the dogs belong to someone and also got loose.

“According to witnesses, [the dogs] were healthy and strong, and you don't get that way from being on the street,” Metro Animal Control officer Billy Biggs said.

Biggs said they plan to put out dog traps in the neighborhood, as well as step up patrols in an effort to catch the loose dogs.

“A few [traps] will be set out there for those dogs. You put food on one end and set the door. They walk in and step on a plate and the door closes behind them,” he said.

Batey, a mother of three girls, said she is glad authorities are increasing patrols though she is fearful the canines could attack again and injure a child.

“To know that your children are walking or waiting for the bus and there is a possibility they can be attacked by dogs as well,” she said, adding, “I just hope they catch the dogs and it won't be someone's child.”

Officials said they have not had any reports of stray pack animals running loose, however Biggs said they will continue to search for the canines.

“If they are out there we need to catch them,” he said.

Animal control officers are working to contact the owner of the donkey to discuss the expensive medical care that is being paid for by taxpayers.

Residents in the Bordeaux area are urged to remain cautious and on guard for the pack of dogs.

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