New elementary school opens in Montgomery County

New elementary school opens in Montgomery County (Image 1)

Pisgah Elementary School will open in northern Montgomery County this week, welcoming first time students from kindergarten through fifth grade.

“We are starting out with about 670 students and our capacity is 840,” explained principal Sallie Oden.

The area surrounding Pisgah Elementary has been growing with new homes and families moving into the community.

Clarksville Montgomery County Schools broke ground on the new school in June 2012.

“I knew the day would come and I knew we'd be ready,” said Oden. “There were moments I began to worry. We're cutting it very close.”

Pisgah is a stem school focusing on science, technology, engineering and math. The school also has a curriculum and resources to offer students creative studies.

A classroom provides each student with an Apple computer and the music room is filled with instruments.

“We have what I would call 'real instruments,'” said Oden. “We have drums from Africa, we have violins and guitars.”

Pisgah Elementary was also built as a 'green school'.

“We are utilizing a lot of natural lighting,” said Oden.

The building was also constructed with walls strong enough to sustain winds up to 200 miles-per-hour.

The district is putting an emphasis on recycling and natural products.

Oden said that includes how students wash their hands. “We are asking parents to not purchase hand sanitizers or wipes that include alcohol.”

Pisgah Elementary and other Montgomery County schools open for a half-day on Wednesday August.  The first full-day of classes is Friday.

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