Vanderbilt orthopedist warns against Anabolic steroids

Vanderbilt orthopedist warns against Anabolic steroids (Image 1)
Vanderbilt orthopedist warns against Anabolic steroids (Image 1)

A Vanderbilt orthopedist is voicing his concerns about the use of anabolic steroids among middle and high school students.

Dr. Andrew Gregory's concern stems from the Major League Baseball's strict ban on performance enhancing drugs which led to the suspensions of more than a dozen players including New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez on Monday.

“If you look at surveys of high school and middle school students, there are some who use steroids,” Gregory said. “Based on that information we should start educating kids in middle school about it so they'll understand about it.”

Anabolic steroids is different that the anti-inflammatory steroids prescribed by doctors.

Gregory said there are serious side effects of the performance enhancing drugs being used by many athletes.

“You have earlier heart disease. You can have liver disease,” Gregory explained, adding, “You can have problems of lots of different organs, and you have earlier death.

Gregory told Nashville's News 2 using the steroids affects growth plates in young athletes which lead to teenagers to not reaching their normal height and weight.

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