Former football player charged in Siegel High theft

A former football player at Siegel High School in Murfreesboro is accused of stealing from the football field house.

Coaches told Nashville's News 2 they noticed thefts in recent weeks and had a good idea who was behind them.

They installed surveillance cameras in the building that could be monitored on their phones.  

Last week, one of the coaches observed the burglary suspect inside the building.

He called another coach who was near the field house.  The coach chased the suspect, who fled the area on foot.

Upon reviewing the surveillance video, coaches identified the thief as a 15-year-old former player who had been dismissed from the team earlier in the week.

Police arrested the teen at his home a short time later.  

“I think that's the most disappointing thing. It's a kid that's done it and this is on the kid's record now as a juvenile,” said Head Coach Greg Wyant.  “I hate to see something happen to a kid like that but we can't sit around and just take this either.”

The coach would not say specifically what items were taken.

The teen used keys he had stolen to get inside the building, according to officials.

The surveillance video was turned over to the Murfreesboro Police Department for its investigation.

The stolen items were not recovered.

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