Long road ahead for infant born with massive tumor

Long road ahead for infant born with massive tumor (Image 1)

A Springfield infant born with a massive tumor on her face has a long road ahead of her.

Miley Buchanan was born to Chelsea Buchanan and Russell Bibee on May 13.

She has already undergone one medical procedure and remains hospitalized at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville.

“She's got this big mass. Seems like nobody knows how to treat it or what to do for it,” Bibee told Nashville's News 2.

The couple learned of Miley's mass during an ultrasound when Chelsea was just three months pregnant.

She has since undergone a tracheotomy and doctors are discussing an additional surgery.

Doctors say the tumor continues to grow and has integrated into Miley's ear, throat and mouth, as well as extending to her shoulder and back.

Bibee continued, “Vanderbilt is looking and doing research, trying to find some treatment for to shrink it down before the last resort of surgery.  We really hadn't found anything.”

Russell and Chelsea, who live about 30 miles away from the hospital, said they are unable to visit their daughter each day, but try to come to the hospital at least twice a week.

Miley's medical bills are said to exceed $300,000. The family has applied for TennCare and additional financial aid, though the paperwork is still pending.

“We need a lot of prayers [and] a lot of hope for things to work out differently,” Bibee said.  “We haven't been successful with anything we tried so far so we keep our fingers crossed that something new develops that we can try.”

The family has set up a fund for Miley at Regions Bank. Anyone wishing to give to the Miley Buchanan Benefit Account can do so at any Regions Bank branch.

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