Terminally ill man blogs to share messages of hope

Terminally ill man blogs to share messages of hope (Image 1)

A Cheatham County man responded to an ad seeking writers for a Nashville Web site, and now he sharing his story with the world.

David Flemming has battled cancer for nearly a decade. He channels his struggles into a message he hopes will make lives better.

“I don't have a good chance, I'll tell you that, but I'll take what I can. There's nothing wrong with that,” he said.

Over the past eight years, Flemming has had 19 surgeries.

“It's like a whack a mole. They go take something out, and six or eight months, it's back again,” he explained.

By medical standards, Flemming's fight is over. He said he knew the day all of his doctors came to see him at once.

“I just shook everyone's hands, thanked them for all they've done. There's nothing else we can but just play the waiting game,” he stated.

Flemming's waiting game now includes a daily blog post to Nashville.com.

His aim to make his readers think.

“Start about by thinking about everything you come across the day before, and think about what you've seen and see if you improve upon it,” Flemming shared.

His posts have connected readers through stories about life, chores, and family, all of the things he sees with a renewed appreciation since every day may be his last.

“I just try to plan two days at a time. I get the first day done, then I start planning the next day ahead. It doesn't make any sense to plan for the next week,” Flemming explained.

He suggests people write their own obituary to get an idea of everything they have accomplished.

Flemming said, “Write your own obituary and read it. You'd be surprised.”

He continued, “Live life like it's meant to be lived. Don't worry about the small stuff; it will take care of its own. Have goals and set them a little at a time, and it feels like you've accomplished a lot.”

To read his daily posts, visit Nashville.com.

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