No more zeroes for Metro high school students

No more zeroes for Metro high school students (Image 1)

When Metro Nashville Public Schools begin classes Thursday, its teachers will grade students differently.

One part of the change has raised some eyebrows at the high school level.

The lowest score given will now be a 50.  Students will not be given zeroes, 10s or anything below a 50.

Most teachers first heard of the grading changes this week.

A few wondered if the scoring change might be “grade inflation” or “another way to boost graduation rates.”

Hunters Lane High School Principal Dr. Susan Kessler told Nashville's News 2 it's “merely a different scale.”

She said, “Students can still earn As, Bs, Cs, Ds and Fs on a 50-point scale.”

Kessler hopes teachers with questions will read the entire 12-page document that details the grading changes.

“So basically what we are doing is moving to this 50-point scale where of course it's still possible to fail,” the principal told Nashville's News 2, “but it reflects the fact that the teacher's job is to ensure student learning, we are not in the business of just saying, you did not get it and now we are moving on.”

The principal summed it up by saying, “We need to focus on making sure that each student learns what he or she needs to learn, not whether a failure is lower or higher than another failure.”

She added that all principal at the high school level in Metro were behind the idea when it was brought to the school administration this summer.

One of Dr. Kessler's teachers looked at the change from a student's perspective.

“A lot of times a low grade like a 20 can be very demoralizing to a kid, and hurt their self-esteem, but a 50 still sends a message,” Hunters Lane teacher Brad Meyers said.

Click here to read the 12-page memo that was sent from the school administration to Metro School principals.

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