Metro teachers prepare for students’ return Thursday

Metro teachers prepare for students' return Thursday (Image 1)

While students were enjoying their last day of summer vacation before the new school year begins, Metro teachers were hard at work getting their classrooms ready Wednesday.

“We've been working on it for the past week. We were able to get in and put up our posters and get the class ready for the children. Today will be just some last final touches here and there,” said teacher Tom Occhipinti.

When students return to Head Magnet School in north Nashville Thursday morning, they will be greeted by a new principal.

Dr. Tonja Williams may be new to the school, but she is not new to Metro.

She's worked in the district for 16 years and is excited about her new role.

“I come to a school where students are really cared for by the teachers. The teachers really look after them in terms of social growth, emotional growth and academic growth,” said Dr. Williams.
She continued, “I can tell just by looking at test scores and growth scores that teachers do a phenomenal job helping students reach the next level.”

While many teachers were finishing up last minute things in their classrooms, Wednesday was also a professional development day where teachers and school officials went over data and test scores.

“The teachers will know exactly where we were, where we are and where we're trying to go,” said Dr. Williams.

Metro students return to class Thursday.

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