Springfield teen scares would-be burglar off with pistol

Springfield teen scares would-be burglar off with pistol (Image 1)

A 16-year-old Springfield girl took matters into her own hands when a would-be burglar tried to break into her home.

Police said Joshua Harvell, 21, started banging on the door of a home in the 2600 block of South Main Street in Springfield on Thursday.

Harvell eventually tried entering through one of the home's windows, that's when Davasha Chambers, 16, grabbed her mother's pistol and pointed it at him as he was halfway through the window.  

The brave girl told Nashville's News 2 she reached for the gun to protect herself and her six-year-old sister who were home alone Thursday morning, while their mother was at work.

Harvell backed out of the window only to be met by the fearless high school student outside of the home in an attempt to scare him off.  

“He then went outside and I went outside after him,” Chambers said, adding, “He has no business coming into my house. “[I'm thankful] that he didn't hurt me and my sister.”

While outside, Harvell snatched the gun and Chamber's cell phone from her and took off in a car.

“He took the gun pointed it at us and told us to get in the house,” Chambers recalled.

Police said Harvell ended up at a nearby apartment complex about a mile away from the incident.  Once officers arrived, he jumped out of the second-story window and fled on foot into the woods.

Harvell has since been taken into police custody after a citizen recognized him in the area of Allenwood Drive.

He is charged with aggravated burglary, aggravated assault and theft.

Authorities added Harvell has an extensive criminal history which includes robbery and burglary.

Incidentally, he was released from jail for a parole violation a few days prior to last week's incident.

Since the terrifying incident Chambers, who is set to begin her junior year in high school next week, said she doesn't feel comfortable staying at her home without her mother being there.

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