Police investigate potential misuse of juvenile database

Police investigate potential misuse of juvenile database (Image 1)

Franklin authorities held a news conference Monday night to address a Metro police investigation into the potential misuse of a juvenile database.  

Chief David Rahinsky was notified that the information that was allegedly accessed by an unnamed Franklin officer inappropriately in mid-May may pertain to his family.

“This is as personal as I've gotten in 26-years of law enforcement,” Rahinsky said, adding, “We wouldn't accept behavior, that is the alleged behavior, from any member of this department to any member of the public and we're certainly not going to tolerate it internally.”

Metro police was asked to step in and help investigate to ensure the investigation was completed neutrally and without biased.  

“We don't know if a violation occurred in this case,” City Administrator Eric Stuckey said.

He continued, “This information did allegedly access to information that was not a part of someone's job, which is very serious. We strive to be a highly professional, high performance police department.”

Monday night's news conference was held at Franklin police headquarters.

The investigation is ongoing. Authorities said the results could be released as early as this week.

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