Metro trains, recruits bus drivers days before start of school year

Metro trains, recruits bus drivers days before start of school year (Image 1)

Two days before the start of the new school year, the Metro School District is recruiting and training bus drivers.

Officials told Nashville's News 2 Tuesday's training is an on-going process for the district that transports 40 to 50,000 children each day.

“We take bus driver training and selection very seriously, that's why they go through a four week training course, it's classroom, it's driving time,” Joe Bass with Metro Schools said.

In an empty parking lot, newly hired drivers learned the basics of the bus.

“They learn to operate the bus, to drive the buss and to maneuver the bus,” Bass explained, adding, “They also learn CPR training.  They go through crisis prevention training.  They know all our discipline procedures, our rules, so they can really work with the students well and keep the busses safe.”
School officials said 85 new busses will join Metro's fleet of 600 this year, which includes 15 to 20 new special education busses.

“All of our special education busses now come with air from the factory,” bus driver Eric Warfield said.  “We have auto camera equipped. They come with built-in booster seats, no more transporting booster seats from bus to bus, anti lock brakes and child monitoring systems.”

Warfield, who has been a bus driver for 23 years, added the busses are the safest vehicles on the roadway.

Metro students are scheduled to return to school Thursday.

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