Man wanders downtown with AR-15 equipped with silencer

Man wanders downtown with AR-15 equipped with silencer (Image 1)

A man who openly carried a gun in the past around places like Radnor Lake and Belle Meade now faces more trouble.

Monday, police received multiple reports around 3:15 p.m. of a man walking around downtown Nashville wearing body armor and carrying a gun.

Officers then found Leonard Embody at the intersection of Charlotte and 5th avenues carrying what appeared to be an AR-15.

The gun was wrapped in a plastic material, which was secured with electrical tape and form fitted enough to show that it was clearly a weapon.

When approached, Embody refused to cooperate with law enforcement and would not say if the gun was loaded.

He continued walking to 3rd Avenue and Deadrick where he was asked again, multiple times, if the weapon was loaded. Embody refused to answer.

The officer then inspected the gun as Embody still would not cooperate.

Upon opening the AR-15 rifle, authorities found that it was not loaded; however, there was a wire lock preventing them from checking the chamber to see if a live round was inside.

Embody's gun also had some type of silencer on it, but he still refused to speak.

Due to his inability to prove that his weapon was legal and having a firearm silencer attached, Embody was taken into custody.

Embody, 41, was charged with possession of a prohibited weapon and booked into the Metro jail.

He has since been released on a $3,000 bond.

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