Deputy says he fired weapon to scare turkeys

Deputy says he fired weapon to scare turkeys (Image 1)

A Maury County sheriff's deputy is under investigation after he fired a shot into the air to scare off wild turkeys.

Lt. Andy Jackson said he found several wild turkeys on his patrol vehicle parked outside the sheriff's department in Columbia on Monday.

The area borders the river and is wooded, remote and unoccupied, yet Lt. Jackson told Nashville's News 2 he still regrets his actions.

“I felt it was very safe,” he said.

Jackson said he first tried to yell to scare off the turkeys, but they did not budge.

He said was one was seated on his vehicle, pecking at the windshield.

“I fired in that direction [towards the woods],” Jackson explained.

According to the 20-year lawman, just past the woods is a gun range and beyond that a field and river.

Maury County Sheriff Enoch George said the incident is under investigation.  He said he has not yet determined if Jackson will be disciplined.

“Andy has worked with me a long time, like the rest of us, he is human being. He makes decisions that are questionable, his intent is good. This is a situation, it's under investigation to see where to go with it,” Sheriff George said.

The Sheriff's Department is considered Maury County property despite it physically being inside the city limits of Columbia.

Lt. Jackson heads up the investigative unit for the Maury County Sheriff's Department and is also a 16-year county commissioner.

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