Boy finds woman’s lost wedding ring at Michigan waterfall

Boy finds woman's lost wedding ring at Michigan waterfall (Image 1)

A 12-year-old boy from Williamson County is credited for finding a woman's wedding ring that she lost at a Michigan waterfall.

Lelonnie Alexander, of Flint, Michigan, said when she lost her wedding ring in the water of Ocqueoc Falls, she thought it was gone for good.

Upon learning of the missing ring while visiting the same falls recently, Caden Gersky decided he wanted to help look for the jewel.

Caden went in the waters with his goggles and snorkel on a mission. When he came back up about 30 minutes later, he had the ring.

“I saw it under water first and I looked at it for a second, so I pulled it above water and looked at it some more and thought, 'I found the ring!' So I ran out of the water,” Caden recalled.  

Caden's dad, John, returned the ring to Lelonnie while he was in Michigan after weeks of searching for the rightful owner.

She rewarded the intrepid young man with $200, and a big thank you.

“She got her ring back, and I got some money. So I was happy,” Caden said.

Mother Laurie Gersky told Nashville's News 2 she was proud of her son for not giving up on the search for the missing ring.

“Of course I was proud of him and that's what I told my husband that I bet he's proud of himself,” she said, adding, “It's exciting. It makes you feel good.”

Caden said he plans to save his reward money so he can buy a television for his bedroom.

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