Counterfeit money turns up in Murfreesboro, Suspects at large

Counterfeit money turns up in Murfreesboro, Suspects at large (Image 1)

Murfreesboro police are working to identify the suspects who are using counterfeit money throughout the city.

Authorities reported the fake cash has turned up at a number of Murfreesboro retailers, however the most recent incident occurred after a man paid a victim with counterfeit cash to purchase a cell phone that was listed on CraigsList.

After realizing the buyer paid him with counterfeit cash, he immediately notified authorities.

Retailers that Nashville's News 2 spoke with Friday said they are taking extra precautions to prevent falling victim to the crime.

“You never think about twenties getting faked,” Bill Mills, assistant manager of Sports Season said. “You think it's like hundreds or fifties. I wouldn't think making fake $20 bills to be worth the time, but apparently it is to some people.”

According to Mills, his store is just one of many that have unknowingly accepted the counterfeit money.

“The bank caught it and told us to be on the lookout and sure enough like two days later six more came through all at once,” he said.

Police said it remains unclear if the crimes are committed by one or multiple suspects.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers at 615-893-STOP.

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