Tenn. man’s ashes found in Florida after wife sets him to sea

Tenn. man's ashes found in Florida after wife sets him to sea (Image 1)

An east Tennessee's mans ashes that were placed in a bottle and set to sea were found near Key West, Florida.

Beverly Smith lost her husband at the age of 57 due to a sudden brain hemorrhage.

Since he loved to travel, Smith put some of her husband's ashes in a plastic bottle with $2 and a note.

The money was added so people would be sure to check the bottle rather than throw it away.

The note said that Gordon Scott “Skinny” Smith loved to travel, and to please call her so she can follow his journey through the sea.

The bottle was set to sail over a year ago at Big Pine Key, making its way through the Gulf Stream near his favorite fishing hole.

Gordon's ashes were first found about 50 miles from where they were initially dropped in Islamorada. The finder added a note and said he took the bottle six miles out into the ocean before letting him travel again.

On Sunday, the bottle was discovered in the small town of Key Colony Beach, Florida, 28 miles away from the first discovery point.

“It was wonderful, you know.  It was what you hope for when you do something like that. Put a note in a bottle with ashes and tell people to call you and tell you where they found it but now it has happened twice. Who knows where he'll end up next,” Beverly Smith said.

Judi Sydney, an owner of Glunz Ocean Beach Hotel and Resort, said she was cleaning up trash on the beach when she noticed the plastic water bottle with two $1 bills inside, along with two notes.

She cut the bottle open and couldn't believe what she discovered.

Sydney added another note and another dollar, put Gordon's ashes inside a new plastic bottle, and sent him sailing off of Seven Mile Bridge.

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