New proposal addresses security concerns in county offices

New proposal addresses security concerns in county offices (Image 1)

Robertson County employees are concerned about the safety in many of their county offices.

Currently, people only go through security upon entering the courtroom, but that is likely about to change.

County clerk Susan Atchley works out of the office positioned just inside the main entrance.

She collects money for hundreds of transactions a day, for everything from car tags to marriage licenses.

Atchley said she has been worried about security since she first took the job in 1998.

“My deputies are the upmost important thing in my office daily, and their safety,” she said.

Atchley, along with many others in the building, want to see the entire building secured.

“We cannot handle weapons being brought into the office and physical threats,” she explained.

Right now, visitors only go through a security checkpoint for general sessions court, but a new proposal by Judge Burton Glover would move the metal detector to the main entrance, just outside of Atchley's office.

“[The judge] felt like the state had told him that he needed to upgrade his security a little and change things around,” said Jail Administrator Tony Crawford.

“It'll be a little uncomfortable for some people to come in and be searched, but the innocent person, they're not gonna mind it all,” Atchley added.

The sheriff's department said moving the checkpoint to the main entrance would also be the most cost effective solution.

It would mean there is only one door where the public can enter and be searched.

The proposal now moves forward to the county commissioners to vote on hiring and training two additional people to man the new station.

Once the county commission votes on the proposal, the changes could go in effect as soon as November.

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