Low evaluation scores could cost Metro teachers their jobs

Low evaluation scores could cost Metro teachers their jobs (Image 1)

Teacher evaluations were a popular topic during Tuesday night's Metro School Board meeting.  

During the meeting, which served more as an informational session on how the fairly new teacher evaluations, which school officials say is still a work in progress, operate.

The newly enacted teacher evaluations were put in place last year. The results showed 195 teachers failed, with 60 of those teachers still in the classroom.

With the scores for the second round of evaluations about to be released, many teachers said they are concerned for their jobs.
Critics said they feel the state-mandated evaluations place pressure on teachers to manufacture higher test scores, however school officials say that's not the case.

“We look at every individual and we use the data that we have to make good decisions about whether they can improve, whether they can stay with us, whether they need to do something else and then go forward with that,” Dr. Register told Nashville's News 2.

No action was taken against teachers during Tuesday night's meeting; however the board could possibly recommend teacher terminations during its scheduled meeting in August.

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