Antioch teacher hopes to become world champion kick boxer

Antioch teacher hopes to become world champion kick boxer (Image 1)

An Antioch middle school math teacher is headed to Tuscany, Italy this fall to compete for a World Championship Kickboxing Title.

Four years ago Sara Smaha walked into Tiger King Gym on Main Street for a free class in Muay Thai. Today, she's one of the best in the world.

“I've won two different years, in 2010 and this past June 2013, so it basically makes me amateur heavyweight champion for North America,” she explained to Nashville's News 2.

Muay Thai is the official sport of Thailand which has become increasingly popular in gyms across the U.S. thanks to interest in UFC kickboxing.

Trainer and Ajarn Rocky Browning has been working with Smaha from day one through the North American championship.

“Anyone who showed up for that tournament from Mexico, North America, Canada, anyone of those countries, the best of the best came out to compete against her and she's beaten them time and time again,” he said.

Recently Smaha learned she has been invited to compete in the World Championship of Muay Thai, that is if she can find the money to get there.

“It's about $2,700 dollars,” she told Nashville's News 2 in between workouts. “It's summer, I'm a school teacher. I definitely don't have the money for this out of my pocket.”

Smaha has since turned to the Web site IndieGoGo which helps people raise money for projects through crowd-funding.

In Smaha's case, she's trying to raise $2,725 for airfare and hotel. As of this writing, she's raised $1,750 with 27 days remaining.

“I think it's pretty exciting. I'm just excited to get the chance to go to Italy and represent them the best way I can.”

Click here for more information on how to help Smaha.


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