New intimacy store to open near upscale neighborhood

New intimacy store to open near upscale neighborhood (Image 1)

Just a few months after two adult stores closed in a west Nashville council district, a store with similar themes plans to open in the area by October, but this one will be within a mile of Music City's wealthiest neighborhoods.

“I have gotten a lot of calls from concerned neighbors, about 25,” estimated Jason Holleman whose district will include what will be called the Pleasures Romance Boutique at the old Verizon store at 25 White Bridge Road.

The woman who says she will run the west Nashville store told Nashville's News 2 Friday the business will be “very classy because we don't cater to the vulgar side.”

When reached at one of two Pleasures Romance stores in northern Alabama, Samantha Todd told Nashville's News 2 she is currently “a manager and buyer” at the Huntsville business with another store in nearby Decatur.

“We like to educate,” Todd added. “We enhance bedroom time” and “promote the romantic side of intimacy.”

She said the store will comply with Metro Government's 2009 law that requires a business not to have more than 35% or more of “sexually oriented materials.”

Todd said Pleasure Romance Boutique sells things like “shoes and jewelry” in addition to the “intimate” items.

Its location is near upscale businesses close to the intersection of Post and White Bridge Roads, and not too far from the wealthy neighborhoods of Hillwood and Belle Meade.

Nearby businesses on White Bridge Road contacted by News 2 indicated they “are not happy about it” or “against it” but declined attribution.

Council member Holleman says the Pleasures Romance Boutique will be monitored by the division in Metro Codes that deals with adult-oriented businesses.

Earlier this year, 21 Up on White Bridge Road and Miranda's West on Charlotte closed down.

Both were within just a few miles of where the Pleasures Romance store will be located.

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