Former liquor store employee admits to stealing $75K

Former liquor store employee admits to stealing $75K (Image 1)

A former Portland liquor store employee was arrested Wednesday and charged with stealing thousands from the business over a 20-month period.

Brandy Popejoy confessed to the theft after her boss, the owner of Portland Wine and Spirits on West Knight Street, confronted her employees and told them she was going to open a police investigation.
Popejoy confessed to stealing $75,000 from the store since November of 2011.

According to police, Popejoy would ring up customers and before processing the payment, back out of the transaction and pocket the money.

Portland police said it was one of the easiest workplace theft cases they've ever worked because Popejoy actually signed a notarized confession before they even got involved.

Portland police Detective Joey Rush has been a cop for 26 years.

He explained, “I've gotten confessions before, and most times they are the hardest cases to work when you are talking about employees stealing, but it was mind blowing [how easy it was].  It really was.”

Popejoy is charged with theft over $60,000, a Class B felony carrying an eight to 12 year sentence.

Her previous records include charges of theft and driving on a suspended license.

As of Thursday morning, Popejoy remains in the Sumner County Jail.

The owner of the liquor store declined to speak with Nashville's News 2 on camera.

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