Company fails to deliver woman’s belongings month after moving

Company fails to deliver woman's belongings month after moving (Image 1)

A new Tennessee resident is outraged after she moved from Florida over a month ago, but the moving company she hired has yet to arrive with her belongings.

Cynthia Arroyo arrived to her new Tennessee home on June 12.  

“I expected the moving company to be right behind me, maybe seven to 10 days out,” she said.

Arroyo continued, “I want to scream. Here I put my whole life on a truck and 37 days later, I have nothing.”

Arroyo admitted to Nashville's News 2 Investigates that she did not check with the Better Business Bureau before hiring the moving company she found online or read the fine print of her contract.

 She has since learned the company has an “F” rating with the BBB.

“They made it sound so good,” she said. “They would come and get it and it would be a smooth transaction to deliver.”

Since arriving to the Volunteer State, Arroyo said she has called the moving company multiple times, but fails to get a concrete answer on when her belongings will arrive.

“[They tell me], the driver will call me. It is en route, the driver will call you,” she explained.

Arroyo said had she read her contract more thoroughly, she likely would not be living out of a laundry basket that has just a few of her belongings.

“I probably would have told them to stop loading immediately,” she said.

Kathleen Calligan, president of the BBB of Middle Tennessee, said what happened to Arroyo is not uncommon and says it is crucial for customers to read the fine print and thoroughly check out any moving company.

Nashville's News 2 Investigates attempted to reach the moving company, however our calls remain unreturned.

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