Montgomery County teacher dies in motorcycle crash

Montgomery County teacher dies in motorcycle crash (Image 1)

A Montgomery County middle school teacher died in a motorcycle accident on Monday.

Keith Caudill was driving his motorcycle on Ted Crozier Boulevard around 6:20 p.m. when he lost control of his bike and struck a tree.

He died on the scene.

Caudill, 32, taught eighth grade history at Montgomery Central Middle School in Cunningham, about 10 miles south of Clarksville.

“He wasn't the typical teacher who put the facts up on the board and you had to memorize all of this, he really connected it with the students,” said Dee-Etta Whitlock, principal of Montgomery Central Middle School where Caudill taught.

She added, “He wanted the subject to be something the kids would remember and the reason for studying the history. He was really good at it.”

Caudill spent most of his life in Montgomery County, having graduated from Montgomery Central High School and Austin Peay State University.

“He played soccer when he was in high school, he was in a fraternity at Austin Peay, he's just connected here, and he's going to be missed,” said Whitlock.

Caudill is survived by his wife and two children.

His funeral will be held on Friday, July 19.

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