Couple collects medical supplies in daughter’s memory

Couple collects medical supplies in daughter's memory (Image 1)

A Philadelphia husband and wife are keeping their daughter's memory alive by sharing medical supplies with those who are less fortunate.

Tom and Kate Mallery's daughter, Ana Cru, was born on March 13, 2012 with severe brain damage.

After spending months in the neonatal intensive care unit and in and out of hospitals, the little girl died on February 17, 2013 when she was just 11 months old.

The couple was left with boxes of unused, unopened medical supplies.  The family tried to return them to the manufacturers but no one would take them because they were considered unsanitary.

After talking to other families of patients receiving home medical care, the couple realized they had the same problem.

In response, the Mallerys started Project Sloopy, a mission to help others in similar situations.

Dad, Tom, explained to Nashville's News 2 how the charity got its name.  

“The second day I went to go be with her the song “Hang on Sloopy” was on the radio and it brought me to tears and I sang that song over and over again to her,” he said.

The couple is now on a cross-country trek, collecting unused medical supplies to help families with expensive medical care.

“It's bittersweet. It will never replace our daughter. We miss her everyday. We love her, but this way she lives on and she can help other children,” said Kate Mallery.

The couple is in Nashille for the week and will continue their journey next weekend.  

They plan to spread their daughter's ashes along the way during the trip so she can be a part of the journey too.

Read more about Project Sloopy online or visit the project's Facebook page.

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