Man flies Montgomery County sky with both feet on ground

Man flies Montgomery County sky with both feet on ground (Image 1)

Montgomery County resident Tony Rivera's hobby has taken him to new heights, all from the comfort of his Woodlawn driveway.

“It's just like flying, but my feet are on the ground,” Rivera told Nashville's News 2.

Rivera hasn't flown in an airplane since he was a child, but these days he spends much of his free time in the air – sort of. His video-equipped remote controlled airplane allows him panoramic views of western Montgomery County.

“Well this right here is my transmitter,” explained the small business owner. “It transmits down to my goggles here, and I can see through this camera.”

That video camera enables Rivera to literally “see” where his foam-bodied plane is flying in real-time.  Additionally, he has mounted a “Go Pro” camera to the plane to record high definition video, which appeared on News 2 This Morning after he sent it to Nashville's News 2's iReport2 network.

Rivera's wife Robin purchased a “ready-out-of-the-box” $200 remote controlled airplane for her husband for Christmas in 2012.

Since then Rivera says he's sunk an additional $1,000 to $1,500 into his hobby in the form of video cameras, video goggles and a longer range remote control.

Using his driveway as a runway, Rivera says the views aloft are hard to beat.

“We live real close to the Ft. Campbell heliport over here,” he explained, “so we see helicopters flying around, the weather coming in, and of course, we can see sunsets, sunrises.”

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