Could taking too many vitamins be harmful to your health?

Could taking too many vitamins be harmful to your health? (Image 1)

We think of vitamins as healthy, but could too much of a good thing be bad for you?

Recent studies suggest that may be the case when it comes to supplements.

“Megadose vitamins, including Vitamin-A, Vitamin-E, Beta Carotene and Fish Oil can actually increase ones risk of cancer or increase ones risk of death,” said Dr. Matthew Resnick with Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

The problem, says Dr. Resnick, is that the vitamin industry has little regulation. People think they are doing something good for their health, but they could actually be harming it.

Most medical experts will agree vitamin supplements can improve health when you take the recommended dose.

“My recommendation to patients is generally to stick to that given the fact that we really don't know short-term or long-term effects of megadoses,” said Dr. Resnick.

However, others like Len Rossi, who owns Len Rossi Health Food and Care Store in Brentwood, say they see a real benefit in vitamins.

Rossi, 84, said he takes “handfuls” of supplements each day.

The former professional wrestler began doing so four decades ago after he was involved in a serious car crash.

Rossi said he suffered an illness as a result of the accident and began living a healthier lifestyle, which included taking vitamins.

He's familiar with the studies, but doesn't plan to stop taking supplements anytime soon.

“You can eat too much steak; you can eat too much of anything. Can you take too many vitamins? You probably can. How much? No one knows,” Rossi told Nashville's News 2.

Experts encourage people to talk with their doctor about any supplements they're taking so he or she can help keep doses in a safe range.

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