Wilson County remembers lawmen killed in line of duty

Tuesday marked the 10 year anniversary of the deaths of two Wilson County lawmen that died in the line of duty.

Mt. Juliet Police Sergeant Jerry Mundy and Wilson County Deputy John Musice were killed while trying to end a high speed pursuit along Interstate 40 in 2003.

Fallon Tallent was driving the car that struck and killed Sergeant Mundy and Deputy Musice.

“It’s easy to go back to that day and re-live it minute by minute, second by second,” Sgt. Mundy’s widow Trish said.

On the anniversary of the men’s untimely deaths, two wreaths were placed near a memorial in honor of Mundy and Musice.

“These two men chose a path some 10 years ago to stand in the way of danger for all the citizens of Wilson County as well as Tennessee because this chase started back in Maryville,” Former Wilson County Sheriff Terry Ashe said.

Trish Mundy added, “My biggest fear when this happened is that people would forget, and so I find a lot of comfort in this knowing that people still take time out of their day to be here to pay honor to these two men.”

Tallent remains jailed at a correctional facility in Memphis.

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