High tech sunglasses could help officers in traffic stops

High tech sunglasses could help officers in traffic stops (Image 1)

A Brentwood based company has come up with an alternative product that could help assist officers in traffic stops.

Authorities often use cameras inside their vehicles, but technology may now allow law enforcement agencies and even the public to have a unique point of view with sunglasses that are equipped with video and audio recording capabilities.

John McConnell and his locally based company, Applied Technology Partners created the unique hands free sunglasses which are made in New York City.

“The camera itself is right here between the two lenses on the nose piece. Once the activation has occurred with the glasses we have a toggle switch here on the top, so we can turn the glasses on and go to a 30-frame-per-second record. The back toggle allows us to capture still high-res images while we're videoing what we're videoing,” explained McConnell.

McConnell's company started back in the 1990s with creation of the first in-car cameras that are used during NASCAR races and police cars.

The business owner said the new high tech sunglasses could help officers capture the truth.

“We as the public and as the community simply want the truth. These glasses allow the officer to capture that as it is spoken and then they can basically present that if there is any question in the public opinion,” McConnell added.

Applied Technology Partners also manage all of the data recorded off of the hidden cameras on the sunglasses.

“So with law enforcement, what we've had to do is create a back office video management system that allows the law enforcement agency to index it, store it and then retrieve it based on a needed basis,” McConnell said, adding, “So that's really the heart of what we're doing and when you do display this on a large television, the quality is absolutely insane.”

While law enforcement is an obvious target for the shades, McConnell is hoping the sunglasses take off in the public sector as well.

The glasses sell for $499 a pair.

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