JOE BIDDLE: Sunday Notes: July 7, 2013

JOE BIDDLE: Sunday Notes: July 7, 2013 (Image 1)

Random ruminations while wondering whatever happened to Pat Tabler. . . .

  • Eight months after knee ligament surgery, former South Carolina running back Marcus Lattimore is showing signs he could play for the San Francisco 49ers before this season ends.

    Lattimore suffered a hideous looking knee injury last season, a season in which he had returned from reconstructive surgery on his other knee.

    He opted to go in the NFL Draft a year early and who could blame him? Lattimore has kept a positive attitude, even though he keeps getting dealt a bad hand.

    In filming a commercial for Under Armour recently, Lattimore ran the steps at Williams-Brice Stadium and performed other drills. He said he expects to be able to practice with the 49ers by mid-season.

    His stepfather, Vernon Smith Jr., shot Lattimore's workout and posted it on You Tube. Check it out. I was amazed. But then, if anyone is used to hard work, it is Lattimore.

  • Ole Miss basketball guard Marshall Henderson has been quiet lately.

    That is, until the team's SEC Tournament championship rings arrived.

    Henderson tweeted a picture of his ring and naturally, the hotshot Maravich wannabe included a message.

    “HEY HATERZZZ WHERE YA AT?'' Henderson wondered.

    Not to worry. You'll find them at every Rebels road game.

  • Oh, the inhumanity. Can you believe that mean old NCAA lowered the boom on Oregon's football team?

    The program may never recover. They pretty much handed former coach Chip Kelly a death sentence. Kelly, who flew the coop before the NCAA's black ops helicopters landed in Eugene, is now coaching the NFL Eagles. For the next five years he will make $32 million.

    But that 18-month show-cause penalty the NCAA handed him will prevent him from coaching in college until the 18 months have expired. And, why, NCAA Czar Mark Emmert should explain, would Kelly have any inkling of going back to coaching college football in the next 18 months? Boy, did that one have some teeth in it?

    Oregon would have suffered a much worse penalty if the NCAA made the cheerleading team sit out the next three seasons.

    Oh, but that might affect attendance and TV ratings. The NCAA may be meanies, but no way they are that heartless.

  • I am S-O-O-O glad to see NBA vagabond Dwight Howard sign with the Houston Rockets.

    The way things were going for the free agent, it appeared he would have to live on the streets.

    He could have come to Nashville and sold the “Contributor'' until he could get back on his feet.

  • Kendall Jenner is the daughter of former Olympics decathlon gold medalist Bruce Jenner. Her mother is a Kardashian, don't you know.

    But 17-year-old Kendall has much higher aspirations than just keeping up with the Kardashian sisters.

    She wants to be a model.

    “I don't think some people take me very seriously,'' she told V Magazine. “When I started off, I was way more of a personality in modeling and it wasn't like, what I wanted to be exactly.

    “I want to be more of a high fashion model. I want to be more editorial. But, hopefully I'll just prove myself.''

    I'll try to keep you readers up to date on Ms. Jenner. Right now, my head hurts.

  • You remember Albert Haynesworth? He had one solid season with the Titans, then helped Redskins owner Danny Snyder get rid of all his loose change.

    Big Al is back in Knoxville, where he played his college ball for the Vols.

    He is opening a new BurgerFI restaurant on Cumberland Ave. It is a burger chain, with restaurants stretching from Key West to South Padre Island to Napa, Calif., to Anchorage.

    They feature all natural and farm raised beef and I hear good things from my spy, who has eaten there.

    I predict they'll have a hard time keeping Big Al from eating up all the profits.

  • Will incarceration prevent a blissful marriage between Aaron Hernandez and fiancée Shayana Jenkins from becoming reality?

    The sheriff who runs the jail where the former Patriots tight end now calls home, say no way any marriage is going to happen on his watch. He doesn't even have TVs in the facility.

    Hernandez may have an ulterior motive for his urgency in tying the knot. If they are married before his murder trial, Shayanna will not have to testify.

  • In an off the record vote of Major League baseball players, Athlon Sports asked them which city should have a Major League team.

    Nashville and Las Vegas tied for the most votes with 15.37%.

    Asked which current Major League team should be replaced, Oakland topped the list with 31%, followed by Tampa Bay with 27%.

  • Disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong will participate in a recreational ride across the state of Iowa later this month and is inviting other cyclists to join him.

    I'd rather double Hannibal Lecter on my handlebars across Iowa.

    Armstrong said he wants to ride with a “friendly group of people that share the same interests.''

    What interests — living a lie and committing fraud on the American people and cycling world for years? No thanks.

  • You could have knocked me over with a feather when I saw the Boston Celtics had hired Butler's Brad Stevens as their coach.

    This is the Boston Celtics. Bird, Russell, Cousy, Havlicek, Dennis Johnson. Heinsohn, Jo Jo White, Robert Parish, Silas. The list is long. The trophies are many.

    Red Auerbach's victory cigars. Parquet floor. Seventeen NBA Championship banners hang from the ceiling.

    The Boston Celtics have hired an Eagle Scout. He could pass for a player. High school, that is.

    Will Stevens have the grit to get point guard Rajon Rondo's attention? There is no aging Kevin Garnett or Paul Pierce to put in the lineup.

    Stevens has turned down most marquee college offers. Now he takes a storied franchise in a league where college coaches Rick Pitino and John Calipari failed.

    Stevens may be too normal, too nice, too principled to mesh with NBA players, especially those making more money than he is.

    I do hope there is a place for someone like Brad Stevens in the NBA. The world would be a better place.

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