JOE BIDDLE: Aaron Hernandez blamed for everything

JOE BIDDLE: Aaron Hernandez blamed for everything (Image 1)

Have you seen former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez lately?

If there is an unsolved murder, police in New England states want to tie it to Hernandez.

Authorities believe Hernandez could have been involved in a double homicide a year ago in Boston. They are trying to put the pieces together, as there is enough circumstantial evidence to implicate him at the worst, or at the least, interrogate him.

Despite being confined to jail for 21 hours a day, there have been Aaron Hernandez sightings in Connecticut.

His older brother, D.J. Hernandez, was mistaken for Aaron at the Gold Roc Diner in West Hartford. A fight ensued after a customer shouted Aaron Hernandez's name at another customer who looked like him.

It occurred at 4 a.m. Saturday, an unlikely time of the morning for D.J. Hernandez to be out, especially since he is a tight end coach on Iowa Coach Kirk Ferentz's staff and his brother is being held without bond on a murder charge.

Norine Derocco is manager of the diner and told the Press-Citizen that it was a case of mistaken identity.

“It was just customers who thought it was Aaron Hernandez. That's how the fight actually got started,'' Derocco told the newspaper.
“And, then someone said, ‘No, it's his brother,' and then a fight broke out. But whoever the person was, if it was D.J. Hernandez … (he was) not involved in the actual fight.''

D.J. Hernandez was not arrested, although three other people in the diner were.

The list of things Aaron Hernandez was involved in dating back to the days he played under former coach Urban Meyer in interesting.

Former Gator star Tim Tebow had to break up at least one off-campus fight that Hernandez was involved in. Hernandez reportedly failed a number of drug tests that was covered up, although Meyer denies that.

We know Meyer was soft on crime while winning national championships. One former player pulled out an AK-47 from his car and started shooting it in the middle of the night.

The lowest of the low under Meyer was the former Florida player who swiped a gas credit card from a teammate's girlfriend after she had been killed in an accident. Not only did he take it off her body, he used it a number of times before he was apprehended.

No school is immune. Vanderbilt was recently confronted with as many as 10 football players possibly involved in an alleged sex crime with a Vanderbilt co-ed in a university dorm room. Four players were quickly dismissed from the team and less than 24 hours later, dismissed from the university.

Strangely, there have been no charges filed, no arrests made. Makes you wonder, huh? Me too. Something obviously happened to prompt Vanderbilt to boot four players from the team and the university.

It happens to the best, as three U.S. Naval Academy football players have recently been charged with sex crimes against a Naval Academy co-ed after a party at an off-campus house.

One of the Midshipmen charged was Josh Tate, a former Brentwood Academy football player. The three are looking at facing court martials. 

Is there more of this type felony involvement by college athletes today than there used to be, or is it reaching the public via media and social media more frequently today?

On one hand you have Vanderbilt being proactive and removing four of the alleged players. I expect the school to do the same if there are other players involved.

On the other hand, there was Florida under Urban Meyer seeing how fast they could sweep it under the rug.

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