Rain cuts into athletic teams’ budgets

Rain cuts into athletic teams' budgets (Image 1)

High school athletic programs are being hurt by the steady rain this Fourth of July.

A large number of the fireworks stands in Middle Tennessee are operated by booster clubs to help schools make improvements to the sports facilities.

The Riverside High School baseball team has two stands in Murfreesboro, one in front of the Walmart and another at the Sam's Club on Highway 96.

Sales this Fourth of July have been good, according to Sue Fultz, a mother of a Riverdale High School baseball player.

The actual Fourth of July, though, is one of the biggest, if not the biggest sales day of the year.

“The amount of money we raise will affect what we are able to do the rest of this year in terms of improvements and the team,” Fultz explained.

She continued, “I guess we were just looking for a different fundraiser that seemed to have the potential to raise a large amount of money. This site [at Sam's Club] and the one at Walmart are the two that we have and I think traditionally they've done really well.”

Last year, the team barely broke even due to the drought and burn ban which prevented people from shooting off fireworks.

Most of the stands are operated by school parents and coaches and do not lose money but take a percentage of the profits earned by the company that owns the tents.
According to a former firework stand manager, the average take is $6,000 for a mid-sized stand.
Riverdale High School baseball dad David Johnson worked the fireworks stand overnight into Thursday morning and told Nashville's News 2 they believe sales will continue through Friday.
He said, “There were people in here this morning when it was raining, before we were ready to sell so they're going to buy fireworks.”

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