Bullet passes through 3 apartments after gun discharges

Bullet passes through 3 apartments after gun discharges (Image 1)

A man called police after a bullet came soaring through his apartment early Wednesday morning.

The incident occurred just before 4 a.m. at the Capital Towers apartment building located at 510 Gay Street in downtown Nashville.

Once police responded, they went to the resident's neighboring apartment where the gunshot seemed to originate.

Officials found that the bullet had also passed through that apartment, and went to the next one, finding the same situation there as well.

Police finally found the origination of the gunshot three doors down from the initial caller's apartment.

The bullet had passed through two apartments before stopping in the wall of the third.

The man inside cooperated with authorities and explained that he was in the process of putting a trigger lock on his semi-automatic handgun when the gun fired.

He told police that he did not realize the gun was loaded when it discharged.

Officials told Nashville's News 2 that they will present the case to the district attorney, who will decide if charges should be pursued.

Fortunately, no one was home in the first two apartments.

Police said that residents were very lucky no one was struck.

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