Raccoon Mountain offers cave explorers big adventure

Raccoon Mountain offers cave explorers big adventure (Image 1)

Tennessee has over 8,000 known caves, more than any other state in the United States. 

Exploring caves can often be intimidating and even dangerous if you are not experienced.

Thrill seekers and curious visitors have been coming to Raccoon Mountain, near Chattanooga, since the 1930s.

“This is a map, of Raccoon Mountain Caverns. There is about five miles of surveyed passage in the cave” said cave guide Jerry Wallace.  Wallace has been taking visitors from around the world into the mountain for over 10 years.

Wallace sees all types of visitors.  He says most have no cave exploring experience.

“If you're really going to go deep into a cave, caving or cave exploration, you have to have a sense of adventure,” Wallace explained.

There are a number of cave tours that anyone can come and explore. 

Some tours will take you into the 'show cave' that is all lit up with lights, hand rails and steps.  Most people come to visit the area of Raccoon Mountain.

However, a wild cave tour will take you 150 feet into the ground and takes at least four hours to explore.

A helmet, knee pads, and a light are be provided and of and a guide will takes you on the adventure.

The tour at Racoon Mountain takes you over a canyon and waterfall and you even have to crawl on your stomach. 

“Just about any cave you go into, you'll have to do a little crawling,” Wallace said.

Reservations are needed for tour guided tours.  Find out more information about Raccoon Mountain, click here.

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