Downtown McDonald’s to reopen after 2011 fire

Downtown McDonald's to reopen after 2011 fire (Image 1)

A popular fast food location is finally under construction after fire shut its doors in 2011.

Demolition crews were on site Monday at the McDonald's on the corner of Broadway and 12th Avenue in downtown Nashville.

Only a shell remains of what used to be a thriving fast food stop.

In December 2011, a heating and air conditioning unit sparked a fire. Repairs were initially expected to take four weeks, but the restaurant has remained empty for the last year and a half.

The city and the McDonald's Corporation recently reached an agreement allowing reconstruction to begin.

According to McDonald's, the new building will have a more urban design with two drive-thru lanes and more gathering places inside and outside.

In recent years, McDonald's has moved away from the so-called “French fry” design, opting for a sleek, modern “arcade style” design that includes bright yellow arches.

All renovations follow the same design line, but each location has its own interior designer.

Plans for new construction moved forward following much debate on the placement of the building.

Newer city zoning laws require the building be adjacent to the sidewalk, creating a more pedestrian-friendly design.

However, McDonald's wanted to move the building away from the sidewalk, keeping the structure in line with the company's restaurants across the country.

The final agreement on building placement is not yet known.

McDonald's has occupied the lot on Broadway for 30 years.

Reconstruction is expected to be finished in late September.

McDonald's is planning to hire 60 to 75 workers for the reconstructed space.

Employees were reassigned to other restaurants while the Broadway location was shutdown will be allowed to return.

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