Local mom has eye lenses replaced during corrective vision surgery

Local mom has eye lenses replaced during corrective vision surgery (Image 1)

A revolutionary step in corrective vision is now being performed in Nashville.

The 3-D Forever Young Lens surgery addresses sight issues for Baby Boomers.

For as long as Sandra Delaney, of Mt. Juliet, can remember, she's struggled with poor vision that was particularly bad in the mornings.

“You basically are blind. Hate to say it that way; you can see shadows, you can see forms, but if it was an emergency and I couldn't find my glasses, it's kind of scary,” Delaney explained of her problems.

Chained to corrective lenses, the mother and business owner was ready to lose the contacts.

“It's incredible and its amazing technology allows us to do things like this,” Delaney said.

“3-D is for baby boomers, for patients that are 40 to 65, who, up until now, have been left on the sideline for laser technologies,” Dr. Ming Wang explained.
With the help of the noted eye surgeon, Delaney is on the road to perfect distance and reading vision after a procedure that sounds almost like science fiction.
“Basically, my lenses, that were my natural lenses, are gone and have been replaced with brand new lenses that will never go bad. I'll never get cataracts, I'll never have to wear corrective lenses either for up close or far away, and it's amazing,” she explained.
The Wang Vision 3-D Cataract and Lasik Center is the only eye center performing the lens replacement surgery.
“This surgery shows that we can actually do something about it. We can restore the reading, rewind the clock, but furthermore, this is the most exciting part, once we rewind the clock and allow Sandra to regain her vision, we can actually stop the clock,” Dr. Wang explained.
“I can see everything now, even dust on the floor so I'm cleaning the house more now, too,” Delaney added.
She is one of the first to have the procedure in Tennessee.

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