JOE BIDDLE: Former Gator, Patriot faces murder charges

JOE BIDDLE: Former Gator, Patriot faces murder charges (Image 1)

Perhaps NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell can have former New England tight end Aaron Hernandez be the featured speaker at the Rookies Symposium next year.

That's assuming he will be available, a rather large assumption given Hernandez is facing a murder charge and an additional half-dozen more charges.

Former Titans bad-boy Adam Jones spoke to this year's NFL rookies this week, warning this year's rookie crop to not follow him. Titans fans knew him as Pacman, and Pacman didn't exactly follow the letter of the law when he was wearing two-tone blue.

But you can stuff all the dumb things Pacman did in a holding cell and they won't come close to what Hernandez has been accused of.

When reports leaked out that the former Florida Gators tight end was a person of interest in the homicide of Odin Lloyd, a 27-year-old semipro football player who was an acquaintance of Hernandez, the Patriots parted ways within two hours of Hernandez being arrested.

Hernandez and Lloyd were dating sisters, which likely tied into the case in some fashion. Hernandez is engaged and the couple has an 8-month old child.

According to prosecutor William McCauley, Hernandez and two unidentified men drove to Lloyd's house, picked him up and drove to North Attleborough. During the ride it was reported that Lloyd notified his sister via text message that he was with “NFL'' to alert her it was Hernandez. “Just so you know,'' Lloyd texted.

You knew something was highly suspicious when it was earlier reported Hernandez has destroyed his cellphone and ripped apart all the surveillance cameras in his house. He had a cleaning crew come in and scrub his house. Sounds like that would be obstruction of justice.

He also faces five illegal firearms charges. The prosecutor said Lloyd was shot multiple times. Investigators recovered five .45-caliber empty shell casings.

McCauley painted a bleak picture of Hernandez's future in a emotional hearing in Attleboro District Court. McCauley claimed Hernandez had the means, motive and opportunity to murder Lloyd.

He claims it was Hernandez, accompanied with two unnamed men, “orchestrated (Lloyd's) execution'' in a North Attleborough industrial park.

Hernandez is 23 years old. He faces an uncertain future. His NFL career is in jeopardy. Last summer he signed a five-year contract for $40 million. Now he has blown everything he worked to obtain.

His case may generate more national interest than all the other incidents that have Goodell upset to the point that he has made a point to change the thug-like image his league has.

Since this year's Super Bowl, there have been 28 NFL players arrested. That's in the off-season, where players have little or no supervision.

One of them was Pacman Jones, or Adam as Cincinnati fans call the Bengals cornerback and punt returner.

Pacman was a speaker at last year's NFL Rookie Symposium and returned to this month's symposium in Aurora, Ohio. I guess he thought he needed some new charges to keep his street cred intact.

On second thought, don't look for Aaron Hernandez to get a Rookie Symposium invitation next year. He could be wearing a jersey with multiple numbers across his chest by then.

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