Fireworks ban lifted in Lebanon

Fireworks ban lifted in Lebanon (Image 1)

A Wilson County city has lifted a nearly decade-old ban on fireworks.

The ban was instituted in Lebanon after teenagers targeted homes, cars and police officers.

“Basically, we had officers get hit by fireworks. We had three officers injured in one night,” Lebanon Police Lt. Christ Melvin told Nashville's News 2.

He said that the injuries were burns.

The city then instituted the ban on shooting and selling fireworks within the city limits.

Now that the ban is lifted, more than a dozen fireworks stands have opened on the main roads leading into downtown.

The city said it had issued 15 licenses to sell fireworks.

One of those licensees was given to Darin Plumlee, the Walter J. Baird Middle School wrestling coach.

“Everyone keeps asking, 'Are you sure we can shoot them in the city limits?' And of course we keep letting them know that, yes, you can,” Plumlee said.

Tim Bennett, who operates several fireworks stands, one of which is located at the intersection of West Main and Hartman Drive, said there's a lot of excitement about the lifted ban.

“They're pretty fired up,” he said. “I mean, I think people are kind of anxious. People love fireworks.”

Bennett also said that sales have been slow thus far, but he's expecting a rush starting this weekend.

Lt. Melvin said the police department has a positive attitude toward next week's holiday, but officers are wondering if the years-long ban did anything to make people use fireworks safely.

“We weren't overjoyed that they [lifted] the ban,” he said. “Because all we have to go on is our last experience we had when three of our officers were injured.”

Lebanon's fireworks ordinance allows people to shoot them between the hours of 10 a.m. until 10 p.m.

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