Man fakes heart attack to avoid being booked in jail

Cookeville High School student arrested for bringing gun to school (Image 1)

Lawrence County authorities reported a 58-year-old man faked a heart attack over the weekend in an attempt to prevent being booked into jail.

According to the Lawrenceburg Now, James Rice was arrested on Saturday night at his home located on Ethridge Redhill Road following a domestic altercation.

The newspaper reported Rice and his son has been involved in a lengthy argument about his late wife, as well as arguing over a woman both men were reportedly dating.

Upon being arrested and transported to the Lawrence County Detention Center, Rice began complaining about chest pains.

Emergency personnel were called to the detention center. Rice was then transported to an area hospital.

Following a medical evaluation, it was determined Rice did not suffer a heart attack.

He was taken back to the detention center where he was booked without incident.

Rice is charged with one count of domestic assault and one count of filing a false police report.

He is scheduled to appear in court in early August.

*The Lawrenceburg Now contributed to this report.

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