Flash flooding damages businesses, homes in Kentucky

Flash flooding damages businesses, homes in Kentucky (Image 1)

Several businesses and homes in Madisonville, Kentucky sustained flash flood damage during storms Monday.

Some even resorted to using airboats to get around.

Lucky Dogs, a pet food and supplies store on Madison Square Drive, saw two to three inches of water rise into the shop.

Co-owner Jeff Phillips said they were able to move merchandise to higher shelves and evacuate their employees.

“We didn't lose any product and our employees are safe,” Phillips said. “It could have been much worse.”

More than a few cars were overcome, and had to be towed once the water receded.

“The water rose so quickly, it was to a point where they couldn't back their cars out and drive off to safety,” Phillips added.

Michael Thompson was trying to be a Good Samaritan and help pull people's cars out of floodwater when his pickup was overtaken.

“I pulled down. By the time I got to about right where I'm standing, I had water about up to here on the truck. And I got halfway out in there and it just washed me downhill. So the truck died and I got towed out,” Thompson explained.

Across town, several more vehicles were flooded, and water crept right up to a number of homes.

Overall, considering how high the water got, most people say it could have been a lot worse.

Several businesses in the area closed down temporarily so cleaning crews were able go in and remove flood water.

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