Fireworks vendors hope for better sales this 4th of July

Fireworks vendors hope for better sales this 4th of July (Image 1)

After a terrible year in 2012, fireworks vendors around Middle Tennessee are hoping for a turn-around this Fourth of July.

A severe drought and burn-ban last year prohibited the use of fireworks, causing some vendors to lose thousands of dollars.

“Firework sales were horrible,” recalled Clarksville vendor Hubert White. “A tent that would average $19,000 had [$4,000].”

Most vendors in 2012 were left with huge inventories and unsold fireworks. Many of the fireworks were stored and some vendors retrieved them to sell this year.

Nashville's News 2 asked White if those fireworks will still work.

“It depends,” he replied, adding, “It depends on how it was taken care of. It's gunpowder. It's going to be fine as long as you take care of it. For how long I don't know.”

White told Nashville's News 2 that many local vendors were hit hardest by the drought and subsequent fireworks ban.

“A lot of the people, local people who leased the tent and had their own fireworks they bought on their own. It's small business. You put $20,000 into something and try to make $25,000 because the markup is not that much, you lose out,” he said.

White said his fireworks tent lost thousands last year.

In Mt Juliet, the Fireworks Supermarket is back banging out fireworks for their fifth year.

“We do it because we love fireworks and we love selling them We love the money too,” Lee Lasater told Nashville's News 2.

Triple digit temperatures last season kept the Lasater family from sales.

“No one bought fireworks so the money wasn't good,” Lasater explained.

The family business lost thousands of dollars, but the spring temperatures this year have already helped turn that around.

They say the Fireworks Supermarket is already on track to make up for the money lost last year.

A portion of all firework sales goes back to support the Mt. Juliet Ball Park.

The Fireworks Supermarket is open from 8 a.m. until Midnight through July 5.

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