Coach suspended without pay pending outcome of investigation

Coach suspended without pay pending outcome of investigation (Image 1)

A longtime Williamson County basketball and softball coach is under fire after she was recently charged with assault.

Summit High School Coach Angie Muir was taken into police custody last week after allegations arose that she told one of her players to throw a basketball at a former player who had allegedly been heckling the team in late January.

According to a court document, the former player had neither a good relationship with Muir nor the player being heckled.

Muir, 43, is said to have called a time out and drew up a play to allegedly throw a basketball at the student's face.

The document went on to say that during the time out, Muir allegedly said, “What is said in this huddle stays in this huddle.”

Following the game, Muir allegedly said the girl who was hit deserved it, and that the team is a family and no one should rat anyone out.

The player who threw the ball and the girl she hit were subsequently suspended from school after they got into a confrontation after the game.

News of the alleged incident intensified when other players reportedly told their parents what had been said by Coach Muir and 22-year-old assistant coach Chloe Mayo.

The court document adds that, “Coach Muir began to draw up a play when assistant coach Chloe Mayo stepped in and said she would draw up a play that would work.”

Coach Mayo was also indicted by a Williamson County grand jury after the incident.

Nashville's News 2 has learned that Muir has been in trouble before while coaching.

According to her employment file, she was suspended for a week from all coaching duties in January of 2012.

The documents explained that “in December of 2011 while preparing for the Eagleville tournament in which [Coach Muir] allowed a student with a learner's permit to drive other students to Logan's restaurant for a team lunch.”

The letter indicates that the instance may constitute a neglect of duty.

Additionally, Muir's file also included an investigation into allegations that Coach Muir “used offensive and profane language outside the locker room within hearing distance of her team following a basketball game.”

No one from the district attorney's office, the school system or the Sheriff's department would comment.

Legal counsel for Coach Muir also respectively declined to comment.

The mother of the girl who was struck with the ball did not return News 2's calls.

Muir will not be brought back as a Summit High School coach in the fall.

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