Trio of thieves pay tribute to Elvis before robbing multiple victims

Trio of thieves pay tribute to Elvis before robbing multiple victims (Image 1)

Before stealing tens of thousands of dollars in merchandise, police said bandits from California stopped by Graceland to pay tribute to Elvis.

Christina Viviana, Jose Enrique Diaz and Sandra Fuentes allegedly snapped hundreds of photographs of themselves with the King of Rock and Roll before getting back to business.

Pictures on one of the suspects' iPad show them kissing at the front gate, buying souvenirs, and even posing with security officers at Graceland.

The trio left Memphis and headed to Franklin, where authorities said they stole purses from women at high-end shopping centers.

Officials said they also stole purses from women in Nashville.

The thieves then went on a shopping store at multiple stores across Williamson and Davidson counties, purchasing expensive items like cameras, iPhones, and jewelry.

A Franklin officer who was investigating the first crime in Williams County was inside a department store talking to Loss Prevention when a stolen gift card was suddenly activated.

The office saw that the card was being used in the Rivergate Mall and quickly called Goodlettesville police

Police then saw a rented car known to belong to the suspects and obtained a search warrant.

Authorities found the car was full of stolen merchandise.

According to investigators, two women were arrested, but three were seen at Rivergate Mall along with Diaz.

All three identified suspects are currently in jail, but a hold has been put on them from Immigrations and Customs enforcement.

Officials said it is highly likely there are more victims in more jurisdictions.

Anyone who believes they were a victim during this robbery spree, they are urged to contact their local law enforcement.

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