Craig Morgan uses EMT skills to provide assistance to crash victims

Craig Morgan (Photo: WKRN)

Country star Craig Morgan said he didn't think twice about providing assistance when he drove up on an accident on Interstate 40 recently.

“Those skills are something I have practiced my entire life, and still today,” Morgan told Nashville's News 2.

Morgan quickly used his EMT skills after two semis and a tanker collided in front of his tour bus on Interstate 40 on Sunday, June 9.

“We were about a quarter of a mile behind everybody so I couldn't see the actual accident, but I seen the stuff fly up into the air,” he recalled.

Morgan continued, “So I immediately said, ‘Stop! Let me off. Let me go up there and see what I can do.' I took off [and] grabbed a couple crew guys with me and their flip flops.”

Morgan extinguished a fire and helped pull a man from the wreckage and then assisted with a second accident across the interstate.

Just a couple of years ago he also rescued two children from a burning home.

When asked if he considers himself a hero, Morgan graciously said no.

“No, I am no different than any of the guys that I hang out with. I get text from buddies [saying], ‘Man that was cool what you did.' And my reply is, ‘You would have done the same.'”

Instincts to save others are one thing, but Morgan is also known to push himself beyond limits on his TV show “Craig Morgan All Access Outdoors.”

Recently the country crooner found himself in a dog sledding expedition in conditions 30 degrees below zero.

“It was absolutely amazing and getting to experience it with my oldest son is something that we will never forget,” said Morgan.

From dog sledding to rescuing, Morgan has still found time to work on his new music.

His new single “Wake Up Loving You” is out now. The song is from his fourth studio project slated to be released in September.

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