Local musician wins contest for free dental restoration work

Local musician wins contest for free dental restoration work (Image 1)

A beautiful smile can change a person's life; at least that's the hope of a local contest called “Nashville's Most Wanted Smiles”.

This is the third year that Dr. Michael Atchley and his team have donated thousands of dollars in free dental work to the contest winners.

Monday was a lucky day for a struggling musician.

“The plan is we're gonna sneak in there, and he won't expect us there… I'm gonna walk over to the table and say, ‘Dustin, I'm here to congratulate you because you have won the Nashville Most Wanted Smile Makeover',” said Dr. Atchley

The ambush was an answer to Dustin Miller's prayers.

He makes a living performing on stage, but couldn't afford dental restoration work.

“I've always wanted to do something. I used to dip and quit back in November and I've been wanting to do something like that to get my teeth fixed from all those years of abuse, and the one thing that's kept me from doing it is the cost,” Miller explained.

Miller's friend, Ty Brown, signed him up for the contest.

“I found this on the Internet. I was searching around one Sunday afternoon and saw this story and it popped up,” Brown said.

He added that Miller plays a lot of music for a lot of different people.

“Being on stage is what he loves to do. Having that type of smile on stage is gonna make all the difference in the world,” explained Brown.

“Smiling from ear to ear from now on,” Miller concluded.

Nashville's News 2 will follow Miller's progress over the coming months.

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