The ‘Memphis Belle’ makes a pit stop in Smyrna

The 'Memphis Belle' makes a pit stop in Smyrna (Image 1)

A replica of the famed B-17 aircraft, the ‘Memphis Belle,' made a pit stop in middle Tennessee over the weekend.

The aircraft is grounded at the Smyrna Airport for tours.

It brought with it memories of World War II and some of Hollywood.

The actual Memphis Belle is undergoing restoration, but the aircraft that stopped in Smyrna is the same plane featured in the 1990 movie.

It was built toward the end of the war and never flew in any combat missions.

Still, the B-17 always draws a crowd.

“It's no mistaking a B-17 flying over head. We get people all the time who come out and say, I remember when I was a little kid and we'd look out and there would be hundreds of them flying in this area. This was a training area for men before they went to Europe,” said John Eads.

Eads is with the Liberty Foundation, which overseas the aircraft.

Maintenance work will be performed on the aircraft this week. It will be available for ground tours again next weekend. They are free and open to the public.

You can fly in the aircraft too but it will cost you 450-dollars per person for thirty minutes in the air.

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