Clarksville pledges to be a ‘No Kill’ animal city

Clarksville pledges to be a 'No Kill' animal city (Image 1)

Local animal advocacy groups teamed up with Montgomery County Animal Control to hold an event to benefit shelter dogs and cats Saturday.

The no kill event was aimed at raising money and awareness.

Montgomery County Animal Control is often at capacity. The county also has a historically high euthanasia rate.

Animal Control Director Tim Clifton says those numbers are improving, but the county still has to euthanize upwards of 30 dogs and cats per month, many due to illness or injury. Others are considered vicious.

“If they're hit by a car, we have to euthanize them,” Clifton said. “But between adoptions and sick and vicious animals, we can usually keep our euthanasia rate fairly low.”

The county's euthanasia rate is now around 17 percent.

Humane Society volunteer Dave Hood says raising awareness is key to reducing the number of animals euthanized.

“There are good animals down here,” said Hood. “So if we can get them down here and looking at these animals, a lot of times they'll leave with one.”

18 dogs and two cats were adopted out at Saturday's event.

For more information visit their Facebook page.

For a list of adoption resources in Montgomery County click here.

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