THP cracks down on drivers who don’t wear seatbelts

THP cracks down on drivers who don't wear seatbelts (Image 1)

If you're in a serious car crash and you're not wearing your seat belt, the odds of you losing your life go up dramatically.

The Tennessee Highway Patrol is on a mission to keep those numbers down by conducting seat belt check points.

On Friday evening, troopers issued just one ticket and one warning, which they say is a good number considering Highway 231 in Wilson County has seen an increase of drivers not wearing their seat belts.

“We had approximately 1,200 people killed on Tennessee highways last year, which approximately 46-percent of those fatalities were from lack of seat belts or seat belts being used improperly,” said Sgt. Bill V. Miller.

With numbers so high, state troopers have made seat belt enforcement their top priority by conducting a new seat belt initiative called Operation Nighthawk.

“Studies show drivers are more prone not to use their seat belts during the evening or night time hours so we're stepping up our enforcement during this time period,” Miller explained.

THP added that seat belt safety is not a personal choice; it's the law.

 “We're going to have DUI check points, seat belt enforcement check points; we're going to have drivers license check points. We're stepping up our enforcement program,” said Miller, “and that is to simply accomplish one goal, and that is to save lives.”
They say all it takes it is three seconds to strap on your seat belt. Not only will you avoid getting a ticket, but it could also save your life.

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