Maury County Fire Department responds to animal rescue

Maury County Fire Department responds to animal rescue (Image 1)

The Maury County Fire Department responded to an animal rescue Saturday afternoon.

A baby calf fell into the Duck River near Tom J. Hitch Parkway just before 2 p.m.

The calf had fallen from a cliff after being born and was stuck in the mud.

A passing boater saw the calf and called emergency officials for help.

He told 911, “It's hollering. The momma is way above it hollering at it. There's no way for it to go anywhere. It's all tangled up and I don't know how in the world I could get it. I'm in a boat. I don't know any way to get the calf.”

MCFD launched a rescue boat from the Iron Bridge Boat Ramp and proceeded to the area where the calf was in distress.

When officials arrived the calf had sunk in the mud and it's head was almost completely submerged under water.

“We could just see the white part of its face, barely sticking up out of water. It was about to give up,” said Dillon Hudson, who helped rescue the calf.

Firefighters quickly pulled the worn out calf from the mud.

“I had rope ready to tie its legs together if it decided to start kicking, but it never kicked. It was so worn out it just gave into is and let us do our thing,” Hudson explained.

Firefighters made a makeshift tent out of coats to keep the calf cool while they waited for her owner.

The owner, a farmer, was relieved that they were able to rescue the calf.

It took them an hour and a half to safely rescue it.

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